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This wiki will serve as a reference material for any games I will run in my homebrew setting. Information posted to the wiki is assumed to be common knowledge and may be leveraged by players as much as they like.

The BlasterverseEdit

It is a tumultuous time in the galaxy. Following the fall of the Transcendent Mandate, the peoples of Known Space enjoy an unprecedented age of freedom and exploration. Unshackled from their former rulers, the now-freed beings are reaching out to colonize and explore the stars that they had been denied for centuries. The Tyrannical religion of the Mandate has crumbled and in its place peace and discovery has blossomed. For the first time in a long time, the future seems bright.

However, while this new age of freedom has yielded much progress... it has also allowed for a great deal of strife. The Warpgates, once a galaxy spanning network of the Mandate, have deteriorated in their absence. Each Warpgate now serves as irreplaceable strategic asset presided over by a regional power. With the Warpgate network in shambles exploration beyond Known Space must rely upon ancient FTL designs which modern science only theoretically understands. As a consequence of these ancient FTL methods, exploration occurs at a trickle, often undertaken at great risk and great cost. Worse, there is little law far from the regional governments of Known Space and the Frontier serves as a dangerous temptation. Where one man sees a new colony... another man sees a new dictatorship. Piracy, slavery and warfare threatens to cripple the Frontier.

While the Frontier is embroiled in internecine war, the newfound civilizations of Known Space are similarly beginning to reach a state of Militarism. Human ideologies, revanchist religions and alien beliefs are creating a Cold War as each side builds up arms to defend their system Warpgates, shipyards and populated colonies. Only the unclaimed worlds on the Frontier keep the regional powers distracted from any foolhardy wars around Known Space.

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